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Raygun MVP is a platform built by Miranda Design. We help small to medium-sized businesses level the marketing playing field with a powerful new toolkit. Our unique platform and in-house mini ad agency work in harmony to get real digital-marketing results for your business. Our team includes long-time digital marketing strategists, brand/ID experts, advertising creatives and some pretty hard-core developers.

At the moment we are testing our processes and framework by conducting a free case study for select businesses. We’ll gather results data and fine-tune our procedures in the process. We hope at the end that you’ll give us a raving testimonial and share your feedback with us on the experience.

Please feel free to contact Kristen Krauter or Craig Miranda at any time during this process if you have questions or want to pass on feedback.

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Steps to Allow Facebook Access

    Please follow the steps from the button above to give us “Admin” access on Facebook. And read the terms below stating that you agree to allow us to manage your social-media.

    Agreement to Allow Us to Manage Accounts for You
    • I hereby grant Miranda Design/Raygun MVP permission to use my business’ name and likeness to create and/or grow my social media following online for the purpose of furthering and growing my business. Permission is hereby given for two months; entailing one “active month” of social media posting and growth, with the additional month’s time being utilized both before and after the active month for research, development, setup, information gathering, and discussion.

    • To grow my social media within the bounds of the case study, I hereby give permission to use the following login and password information for each existing account in my business’ name: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If I do not yet have a social media account on a given platform, and I would like Miranda Design/Raygun MVP to create one for me, free of charge.

    • I understand this information is confidential and sensitive, and will not be shared with anyone outside of Miranda Design/Raygun MVP. This information will be used solely for the purpose of furthering the social media growth on the above listed accounts during the time period agreed upon below.

    • I recognize I will still have access to my accounts during this time, and can continue to create my own posts if I so desire. My business will maintain ownership at all times during and after the case study over any social media accounts created by Miranda Design/Raygun MVP in my business’ name. I may choose to end my participation in the case study at any time if I so choose.

    • I understand Miranda Design/Raygun MVP will use the above information provided and likeness of my business and it’s interests solely for the benefit and growth of my company.

    • While participating with Miranda Design/Raygun MVP’s case study I can expect to receive multiple social media posts on my accounts each week in a variety of formats. At the end of the case study I will also receive information gathered during the case study pertaining to growth during the period. If at any time I feel a post or posts provided by Miranda Design/Raygun MVP does not portray my business and it’s interests accurately or appropriately, I will notify Miranda Design/Social immediately, and the post will be removed or adjusted as agreed upon. By participating in this case study, I agree in return to provide Miranda Design/Raygun MVP with feedback about the service provided. Primarily this feedback will be requested at the end of the service period, but may also entail some feedback in the interim, so as to accurately and effectively portray the ongoing interests of the business, and further the accuracy of the given service.