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Driven? Independent? Outgoing?

If this describes you, we are looking for a limited number of individuals to work as independent Digital Marketing Strategists.

Sounds like you need a special business degree, right? You don’t. We’ll train you to interact with businesses and put together a game plan for their social media marketing. You are backed by a team of long-time digital marketing strategists, brand/ID experts, advertising creatives and some pretty hard-core developers. Your job is to bring businesses on to the platform and to check in with them a few times a month. We’ll curate posts, build their credibility and grow their followings. We supply you with all the tools, reports and data you need to show the businesses their progress across major social media platforms. The best part is you get residual pay for as long as they continue. The results they see will make them a fan of Raygun MVP and you.

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    The Big Little Difference

    • 87% of consumers expect businesses to interact via social media.
    • 79% of US consumers use Facebook.
    • Raygun MVP supercharges your social media efforts differently than any other company.
    • 97% of all retail brands use 2+ platforms.
    • Brand loyalty is much higher through social media